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Each Student Brilliance Report includes your student's behavioral style, perceptual learning style and cognitive thinking style, core values and the opportunity to create idealistic goals.

Use this tool to your advantage to help them improve their Emotional Intelligence levels and become successful in the classroom and in life.

Help them identify how they are wired, how they learn and think, and understand what's important to them. Guide them to discover their uniqueness and potential increasing their self-worth.

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    How can this help?

    • Create optimal study conditions
    • Discover motivators, strengths & gaps
    • Develop effective study & testing skills
    • Strengthen communication skills
    • Appreciate diversity
    • Set ideal goals
    • Choose a fulfilling career

    The DISC Assessment helps students identify their personality style, motivational needs, strengths, potential limitations, ideal learning environment, and their communication preferences.

    Helping students and adults recognize their own needs and tendencies will set them up for a successful learning experience.

    Whether your student will be attending school on campus or from home getting a plan in place is essential.

    Want to see a sample? Click here: STUDENT BRILLIANCE REPORT SAMPLE.pdf

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