student brilliance program ages Pre K - 13

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Increasing the Emotional Intelligence of your student will set them up to expand their learning capacity whether they are in a virtual or traditional classroom.

Our IQ, EQ and personality jointly affect how we think and act. Of the 3, EQ is the most flexible and easiest to improve:

EQ = the ability to identify & understand emotions in yourself and others, and to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships

IQ = your intelligence or ability to learn

Personality = sum of your inclinations

Each Student Brilliance Report includes your student's behavioral style, perceptual learning style, communication style and the opportunity to create idealistic goals. Use this tool to your advantage to help them improve gaps in their Emotional Intelligence and become successful in the classroom.

How do we increase their Emotional Intelligence? Discovering their uniqueness and potential increases their self worth, which directs them to manage behaviors and improve relationships. This increases their performance in the classroom.

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    What’s Your Students Learning Style?

    When it comes to processing information, your brain is the most important part of your body. It’s where all thinking, learning, and decision-making takes place. If you know your students learning style, then you can help them study smarter, not harder.


    Based on individual student's needs:

    • Create optimal study conditions
    • Recognize different learning styles
    • Understand different thinking styles
    • Discover motivators, strengths & gaps
    • Develop effective testing strategies
    • Identify communication styles
    • Strengthen communication skills
    • Appreciate diversity
    • Set realistic goals

    knowing behavioral styles increases communication and cooperation. it opens up a new world of understanding about yourself and others.

    The DISC Assessment helps students, parents and teachers identify personality styles, motivational needs, strengths, gaps, ideal learning environment, and especially, communication style.

    Helping students recognize their own needs and tendencies will set them up for a successful learning experience.

    Whether your student will be attending school on campus or from home getting a plan in place is essential.

    Want to see a sample? Click here: Student Brilliance Report Sample Ages 8-13.pdf

    Schedule your Student Brilliance Report and coaching session today to get your student started on the right path before the school year begins.

    Includes a set of Parenting Tip Cards

    • How they may react under pressure
    • What may annoy them
    • Hidden motivators revealed
    • Best method to use when correctly them
    • Sweet spot statements to use